Paint Colour

Licensed Interior Remodelling Contractor in Calgary & Area

GlennCo Renovations offers interior design, renovation and construction services in the Calgary area. If you’re thinking of a kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodel, consult with GlennCo first. We’ll discuss your dreams and desires, provide a detailed and customizable estimate that fits your budget and then create a beautiful new room for your home. Whether you’re adding space and functionality, upgrading cabinets and countertops, or just giving your home a fresh new paint colour, we look forward to getting started on your interior remodelling project today!

Hire a Renovation Expert
Motivated by a home and garden show and the DIY craze to do the project on your own? Because we have more than 30 years of experience, we’ve learned a few things about interior remodelling. Here’s why we encourage you to hire a professional, experienced contractor:

  • Remodelling projects are what we do every day. We have the know-how to determine the skills, materials, timeline and cost for any project. Building codes and neighborhood regulations aren’t overlooked or forgotten.
  • You have other things to do with your weekend. Most projects aren’t completed in a day or two like they are on TV. Letting us track costs and watch the timeline keeps the project within your budget and on schedule.
  • We’re professionals. Hiring a family member can lead to higher costs, mistakes and even injury. We want your 100% satisfaction; if you’re not pleased with the result or progress, we want you to feel comfortable telling us.

Don’t overestimate your DIY skills and remember that sometimes free help can come with a cost. If you’re thinking of a true renovation project, we encourage you to hire a professional contractor. Contact GlennCo today!