Window Casings & Baseboards

Interior & Exterior Trim: Doors, Baseboards & Window Casings in Calgary & Area

GlennCo Renovations can add decorative window casings to any room to provide your renovation with a professional-looking finishing touch. Installing new baseboards and door moulding to match the window treatment can create a polished and cohesive look to the room. Additionally, window casings reduce the amount of air that enters or escapes your home throughout the seasons, and that saves you money!

We craft window casings in a variety of styles and layers to meet your tastes and your home’s unique character:

  • Complete casing: Decorative casings in any number of layers that surround all sides of your window
  • High profile casing: Large, multi-layered casings and pediments that provide a Classical or Victorian touch
  • Low-profile casing: Non-decorative but essential to providing a finished look and reducing air loss
  • Modern casing: Minimal casing that’s blended in to match surrounding wall in order to highlight the window
  • Traditional casing: Simple, low-profile casing in a single layer that lays flat on the wall and is slightly decorative

We can help you navigate all your interior trim and door options! Call us today or use our convenient eform to get your renovation project started.